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“The best person for the job & the best job for the person!”

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We continually receive and welcome new job orders from our client companies and new candidate resumes and applications seeking employment opportunities.

This is how we spend our time, matching people with opportunities!

We advertise, recruit, screen, test and place prime candidates in order to fulfill the many, varied job openings of our valued client companies.  Our on-boarding and screening services are customized to match the needs of our client.

We have varied employment opportunities available for candidates seeking a new career or perhaps looking for an improved employment opportunity.  Job Seekers: Be sure to Apply online today!

Companies that are not yet enjoying the Confident Companies services are welcome to contact us to set up your account.  Ask for Gary: Contact us  We make it easy…

Confident Companies include:




Whether you are looking for a high-level manager or an entry level production person, we can provide the right people quickly in a wide variety of industries and work environments.

CONTRACTORS: Skilled Trades recruiting & placement in Oregon & Washington.  Also,if you already have a person in mind that you’d like for us to employ for you, just send them to us and we’ll take it  from there.  In most cases, they’ll be ready to go to work for you quickly!  Exempt Contractors: We provide “employer of record” services in Oregon & Washington. We help you be compliant.

OFFICES: We provide Receptionists, Office Managers, Administrative & Executive Assistants and many more…  Just let us know how we can help you!

IT, TECHNICAL & ENGINEERS: We have an amazingly effective nationwide recruiting team that finds those hard to locate professionals with the perfect combination of skills and experience.  Give us your hard-to-fill job orders.  You’ll be amazed!

MANUFACTURING: We provide all levels of production staff from entry-level labor and production workers to highly skilled employees and managers.  Let us compliment your HR department.  Our recruiting and on-boarding services are timely and valuable.  Let us make things easy for you…

EMPLOYEE LEASING:  Do you have year-round employees on your payroll and you are tired of the red-tape and associated hassle of producing regular payroll and workers compensation reports, employment taxes and audits and insurance policies, claims and management?  Find out what services Confident Employee Leasing can provide for you – so you can get back to doing what you enjoy most.

Discover the many services we provide: Contact us