Customer Payments

Payments Made Easy
Thank you so much for your business!
It’s easy to pay online with your credit card, debit card or bank account.

You can make your one-time payment using your checking account or your ATM/debit or credit card.
Please note: This is a one-time payment only. This payment will not automatically recur in future billing cycles.

We accept all major credit cards:

Timesheets are also Weekly Invoices
No need to guess what your weekly bill will be… No need to wait for the bill to arrive by mail.
It’s convenient and easier than ever to calculate your Weekly Invoice Total

Use the new and improved invoice calculation area on the bottom left of every timesheet:
Customers: (Calculate total hours X Customer Rate for Invoice Total): (Round to nearest 1/4 hour)

Total Regular Hours _________ X Customer Rate $ ___________ = $ _______________

Total Overtime Hours _________ X Overtime Rate $ ___________ = $ _______________

TOTAL DUE = $ ___________

NEW: Over 30 Day terms with Terms Factoring @ 5% (Ask for details)

Invoice questions? Call: 541-773-8888