Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers about our Services

  • When we provide one of our employees to your company through our “Staffing Services” – we are the “employer of record” and are responsible for all employer costs, such as State and Federal Taxes, Social Security, State and Federal Unemployment, Workers’ compensation.  We also provide General Liability and Professional Liability insurances, as well as Errors and Omissions coverage.  We bill weekly based on hours worked and the wage paid.  Our hourly bill rate includes all of the above costs.
  • When we provide a Direct Hire candidate to your company – through our “Recruiting & Placement Services” – we are not the “employer of record”.  A Direct Hire employee is your company’s employee from the very beginning.  We are never their employer.  We have recruited that person specifically for your company to employ directly.  Direct Hire is usually the preferred method of hiring for management and salaried positions.  If you are recruiting for a position that would require an employee to leave their current position or to relocate to your area from another – it would usually be a Direct Hire position.  If an employee is currently on salary and receiving a benefits package – they would not want their benefits to lapse – so they would anticipate being hired directly in order to be able to have a smooth transition of benefits, etc.
  • How does a staffing service work?
    It’s simple and easy to utilize temporary or temp-to-hire staffing services.  One phone call, with a job description and job schedule and our staffing specialists begin an in-depth search for the perfect candidate for your position.  If we already have the employee in our files, we can often have an employee at your job site within one or two hours.  If we need to recruit and interview potential employees for your position, we work very quickly, utilizing a vast network of contacts and resources to find the right employee for your company.
  •  How long must I keep an CSI employee before I can hire them directly?

For employees that begin on our payroll – only 480 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: DIRECT HIRE – (Executive & Professional Placements) are immediately the employees of our clients and never are our employees or paid on our payroll.

  • Tell me about the services you provide.
    CSI offers short-term and long-term temporary services, on-going part or full-time staffing, contract staffing, Temp-to-Hire recruiting and placement for full-time positions as well as Executive and Professional Recruiting and Direct Hire Placement services – nationwide.
  • What does your bill rate include?
    Our Customer Hourly Rate includes the employee’s wage, and all employer costs, such as State and Federal Taxes, Social Security, State and Federal Unemployment, Workers’ compensation and a fair profit margin, which enables us to be able to continue offering our valued business services.

For Direct Hire Placements we charge a pre-negotiated and mutually agreed upon percentage of the first year’s annual salary to the hiring company (our client). A Contingency or Retained Search Agreement would be signed by our client outlining all related services before any services are performed.

  • What types of prescreening checks are available?
    Drug tests and criminal background checks according to industry standards.  Industry specific research and checks such as CDL ODOT information, Medical hires – normal processes, etc. are also provided.  Ask for industry specific checks and screening.  CSI provides most industry standard screening, as well as a number of skills and assessment tests.  Customized testing available.
  • How do you test your employees?
    CSI has many unique and effective testing processes which clearly identify each employee’s strengths and skills.  We also offer free administration of customized testing for individual clients.  Industry specific tests are administered and graded to determine skill levels and performance abilities.
  • Do you offer a staffing service guarantee?  What if the employee you send does not meet my criteria?
    Yes, we offer a first day risk-free total Guarantee for our Staffing Services.  We always strive for complete customer satisfaction and long-term relationships.

“If you are not happy – you don’t pay.”

This pertains to our first day guarantee – where we cancel all charges to any client who is not satisfied with our placement and replace the person absolutely free.  (We go ahead and pay our employee out of our own pocket for all hours worked that first day).

(We also offer free replacement terms to our Direct Hire clients as specified in the Contingency Search agreement.)

  • How do you bill for your services?
    We offer several billing options, which are agreed upon before services are rendered.  Normal billing is due at the end of each work week for temporary staffing services.  Direct Hire clients pay by agreed upon billing terms specified in the Contingency Search agreement.
  • How do we know whether to use your Temporary Staffing services or to utilize the Direct Hire Recruiting & Placement services? Your company can utilize both services for different circumstances.

Normally, if you are hiring for an (hourly) position that is temporary or a temp-to-hire position that is not a Management position – you would utilize our Temporary Staffing Services.

When you are recruiting for any management, professional or executive (Salaried) position in which you wish to hire the person directly onto your own payroll and/or you need regional and/or nationwide recruiting – it would normally be considered a Direct Hire position.  Usually, a highly paid person, moving from out of town – will not opt to make the move for a temporary or a temp-to-hire position.  No candidate local or otherwise will quit an existing position for a less than permanent position.  Therefore, most permanent salaried and higher paying positions would be considered a Direct Hire placement.  This decision would be made by implementing a Contingency Search Agreement between our companies – and would be authorized by you (our client) – before any recruiting or search was conducted on your behalf.  Positions that pay above $50,000 per year annual salary are typically considered Executive and/or Professional Placements through our Direct Hire services.